Weekend Shenanigans


Little Livie got to enjoy her first UNC tailgate experience on Saturday.  We used to have season tickets for a few years before we moved away so it was exciting going home for a game.  We really needed to put to good use our UNC tent, tables, chairs and other tailgating equipment this year.  Jamie was so excited to take her back to his old campus.  He went not only for undergrad but also for his Master at the University of North Carolina.  So when I say ‘he bleeds Carolina blue…’ I mean he BLEEDS it!  It will always be in his blood.  Jamie’s parents and sister Mika drove up for the game and my parents also went.  It was a noon game so Olivia and I had to go home after she got to experience a UNC tailgate.  She got to meet the real Rameses, a Horned Dorset Sheep and the cheerleading Mascot at the new Victory Walk.  It was sad not seeing the Old Well Walk but I kinda of liked the idea that the first year the school is starting new traditions was the first year for Olivia to join in on the festivities.  We had the opportunity to make new traditions with her.  Jamie and his dad cooked (GIANT) steaks and BBQ chicken on the grill.  We had rosemary potatoes that were so yummy and other fixins.  I am so glad that Jamie got to share a very important tradition with Olivia and show her around a place that he loves now that we live almost 400 miles away.  When everyone went to the game, Olivia and I got to cheer on the team from my parents house.  We even got to see Daddy on TV in the stands!

Sami's Shenanigans

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