home reno

My husband and I knew that we could no longer live in Downtown Savannah, GA when we found out we were pregnant.  The first reason being we were living in a one bedroom apartment that was already too small for the two of us and our dog Josie.  Second being security.  We didn’t feel safe walking from our car parked on the street to our front door.  The crime in downtown just keeps getting worse by the day.  The weather was also a factor.  Our cars were flooded on numerous occasions due to the poor drain system of downtown.  We searched for months in four cities and finally decided on a town we liked just south of the city.  We went through two realtors during the house hunting process.  When we had the second and were about to fire her, we realized she would still get the commission on the house we wanted to buy if it went through because she was the one to show it to us in the first place.  Total scam for Georgia realtors.  If they show you the house, they get a pay day.  Doesn’t matter if they really do any work or put your best interest first.  We had a series of very serious “come to Jesus” talks with our second realtor in order to to final find our new home.  Did I mention that all of this happened, the house hunting and fights with realtors, while I was in my last trimester of pregnancy with Olivia.  Oh, and we of course bought a nasty foreclosure that we had to move into a month before my due date.  I will show you just how terrible of a foreclose it was tomorrow.

For the next 31 days ***WILL UPDATE SOON!*** I will discuss and show the transformation of our little fixer upper.  It turned out to be a hidden gem just waiting for someone to give it the time and attention it needed in order to be the perfect home.  It was a financial, physical and emotional struggle to get our home move in ready a month before little Livie arrived, but we did it and I will show you how.

I will link each post to this post for the next 31 days, so this will be a landing page.  Below you can click to see each day.





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