Two Month Vaccines

Before & After vaccines

Little Livie had her 2 month old vaccines last Thursday before we went out of town.  She did so well!  Her daddy kept her smiling the whole checkup until the actually shots.  She got three vaccines, two in her left leg and one in her right.  They also gave her the Rotavirus vaccine orally which she actually liked.  Apparently it’s made sweet.  When she got the actually shots she cried so loud and just laid on the table looking so helpless.  I don’t do well with needles so Jamie stood by her as I video taped it while not looking.  The nurse gave the shots really fast and then I went straight to nursing her.  She took a few seconds to latch on but once she did she calmed down.  Poor thing.  She basically slept the whole rest of the day.  I gave her Tylenol twice but the doctor said not to over medicate if she doesn’t need it.  She didn’t.  She was a happy baby the next day.

Before the vaccines her Pediatrician did a 2 month well visit.  She weight 10 lbs even so she has gained 3 whole pounds since birth.  That put her in the 11th percentile for weight.  He said since we are a petite and small family, she will probably follow in our footsteps.  I am not really worried about it right now because I know she eats like a champ and has a poopy diaper almost every other one I change.  My mom told me I was always below the 30-20 percentile so it makes sense that she would be too.  As the doctor put it, “she just wants to be small!”  Her head was 15 inches so that put her in the 17th percentile.  I have been noticing lately that her head is getting bigger but her body isn’t.  Potato head.  She is now 22 inches which is a 2.5 inch growth.

The doctor called her “perfect” for the second visit in a row so I’m a happy mama.  I’m sure he says it to everyone but I don’t want to believe it.  He also said we are great parents because we don’t overly worry.  He could observe by how I talk about Olivia that we follow her instincts.  He is the third person to say that to me within the last two weeks.  My Grandma said the same thing.  She said I am calm and go with the flow.  I guess that’s a good thing?  I decided when she was born to be present and not worry about the what ifs.  When things come up or happen I then do research but I don’t sit on the computer all day everyday worrying.  I did enough research before she was born to know how to deal with the basics.  I would rather spend my time playing with her and letting her tell me what she needs.




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