Got the Croup

IMG_0496I gave my first talk in our congregation tonight.  Olivia had a stuffy nose and one of her eyes wouldn’t stop tearing up so Jamie stayed home with her.  Once I got home, he informed me that she had thrown up but she was acting fine so I nursed her to sleep with no problem.  About an hour later while we were watching TV in the other room, I heard what I thought was O coughing.  I ran in and it was her wheezing and having really labored breathing.  She also felt warm so I called the nurse line immediately.  Our first trip to the ER and MRI confirmed Croup.  One dose of steroids and my little O was back to normal playing.

Seeing her having such a hard time breathing with so scary.  She only had the “bark cough” while we were at the ER and it went away right after the steroid dose.  It was also the first fever O has had.  I am so thankful that we at least made it a whole year before making a trip to the ER and O having any major health issues!



One Year Check-up


Today was one of those terrible parent days.  Feeling like a failure. At a year, Olivia is only 16 lbs and 4th percentile for weight and 1% for height at 27″. She only gained a half pound since her 9mo visit.  Her Pediatrician wanted me to really reevaluate breastfeeding because she is not gaining enough weight and growing.  Ugh.  After having my pity party this morning right after the appointment, I decided that at least she isn’t contributing to the growing problem of obesity in America!  She eats home cooked meals from our sustainable garden and gets breast milk which is healthy for her. I think he is just jealous of her amazing figure. I mean common. IMG_0156-001Fotor0804220829  katiesignature

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Guess who turned one today!  My sweet Olivia Rose.  This year you have made me a better person and I hope that you keep teaching me.  Being a mom is the best thing ever and I’m just so fortunate that you are my daughter.  You are the sweetest, silliest, most fun little girl in the whole wide world.  You are so beautiful, your blue eyes and 8 teeth smile light up the room!  This year has been incredible and we can’t wait to see what each new day brings with you in it.  Love you little string bean!

Love Always,

Your mama.

New Kicks

Olivia had her first trip to Barnes & Nobles and to Stride Rite.  We browsed the books for an half an hour before the mall opened.  She suddenly looked so small compared to all of the other children running around the store.
IMG_9316 IMG_9323 IMG_9337 IMG_9343She was immediately excited when she put her new sneakers on in the store.  She could not be more excited to try to start walking on her own!


Mosquito Attack

IMG_9010 IMG_9015My poor little baby was attacked by Mosquito’s yesterday.  She woke up with horrible welts and raised skin.  It looked so sad but she didn’t even seem bothered by them or cry!  When I talked to her Ped on the phone, they said it was very common in our coastal area.  So scary!  Benadryl and hydrocortisone were prescribed to calm the bites.  She is one tough cookie!  If I had over 15 bites on each leg, I would be crying and screaming.