Fresh Produce

 IMG_0143-004IMG_0603 IMG_0823

We have had such a great bounty of fresh produce from our garden lately.  The garden is slowly dying off but still producing!  I really didn’t think we would get so much out of it for our first year, but boy I was wrong. I am so proud of Jamie and all of his hard work. IMG_9721



Attack of the Ivy

IMG_0598Well, while Olivia was sick with Croup, I have been battling a terrible poison ivy rash.  It started on my forehead and has traveled all over my body and limbs.  I went to the Urgent Care the morning after Olivia’s late night trip the ER and they gave me a steroid shot and a round of Prednisone.  I had a slight fever when I arrived due to my body having a bad reaction to the poison ivy.  As I walked to my car in the parking lot after the shot, I started to feel dizzy.  Once I turned my car on, I called Jamie to tell him I was on the way back to the house but I started to go silent.  I had to hang up the phone and call the Urgent Care to send nurses out to the parking lot to save me.  They said I was grey!  Not even white.  They had to pull me from my car and I had to stay on a gurney for hours.  UGH!  I don’t know if I had worked myself up from getting a shot or if I had a bad reaction.  I hate needles but I have not had any fainting spells since I got pregnant and had to become a pro.  I thought that if I could get an epidural, I could do ANY needle!

The rash kept getting worse through out the week even after the steroid shot and Prednisone prescription.  The rash was hot to the touch and I felt like I wanted to rip my skin off.  It kept spreading.  It was on my eyes, my neck, my abdomen, my legs… EVERYWHERE!  I went back to the Urgent Care and they had to give me another round of steroids and Prednisone at a higher dosage with a longer tapper.  Thankfully, they gave me the steroids in an oral form and not a shot.  I was already in tears when the doc told me I had to have another round on steroids.  Why they couldn’t have given me the steroids in oral form the first time is beyond me.  I had told the nurse I get faint with needles and that I have to lay down when I get shots.

The rash didn’t scare me as much as taking some pretty heavy medicine.  I was so nervous because Prednisone and breastfeeding are not great together.  Their isn’t a lot of research so it was hard to get clear answers.  Of course the Urgent Care doc had no clue about Prednisone and breastfeeding compatibility.  The Infant Risk Center Hotline and our Ped had to do some research and finally both came to the conclusion that I should wait 4 hours before breastfeeding after taking the Prednisone in the morning and that if I had to stay on the Prednisone for longer than a month, I would have to reevaluate breastfeeding.

The doctor also gave me an anti inflammatory that made me very drowsy.  My mom made the 5 hour trip as soon as she heard that I had passed out at the Urgent Care.  She helped out so much as I was battling my own bodies terrible reaction to the poison ivy and as Olivia recovered from Croup.  It is such a helpless feeling not being able to take care of your own baby because you yourself are sick.


Add Some Color

Spring is here and my garden is definitely NOT ready!IMG_7465The front is looking really drab.  The winter and too many frosty nights were not kind on our plants.  Time to add some color!

IMG_7481 IMG_7485I picked up some yellow Marigolds, Celosia and two pink Stargazer lilies.  I can’t wait to see everything bloom!



Day 15: Inviting

home reno
Our house really needed some curb appeal.

The yard was really grown over and the bushes in the front of the house had taken over the walkway.


My mom took on the job of chopping and taking out some of the bushes.  She also reworked the front flower beds.

We took out the Bradford Pear tree in the front because it was blocking sunlight to the front windows of our living room.  It would have to be trimmed constantly since it was so close to the house.  A hassle we did not want to deal with.


There was three truck loads of garbage that had been thrown in the yard that we had to bring to the dump.

Jamie not only power washed the whole house, he also did the fence.

Jamie painted the whole front porch with cement paint because it was stained and nasty.

I purchased two white Chippendale planters off of Amazon for only $21.99 each + free shipping!!!  I looked everywhere for this style and all I could find were wood ones for $100+.  I didn’t want wood due to rotting.  These plastic ones will last forever.

We picked up this really cute Welcome mat for only $7.99 at Lowes!

We put on one side of the front porch our old outdoor table set that we had purchased for our last home at Harris Teeter.


Jamie painted the front door a coastal blue.

I purchased this vinyl Hello. sign from Etsy.

Without the Bradford Pear tree and the overgrown bushes, you can now see the front porch and walk up to the front door!

Everything is white and clean!

I think it looks much more inviting now!