Family Beach Week 2014

Olivia got to go to her second family beach week this passed week.  We had so much fun!


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Hunting Island State Park

 IMG_9666IMG_9704Fotor0804214810IMG_9698  We took a day trip to Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina.   The park is right above Hilton Head and below Beaufort.  Only an hour and a half drive.  It has a wonderful beach, light house you can walk up to the top to, walking trails and so much more!  Olivia loved the water.  She hadn’t been to the ocean since last years family beach week so I’m sure she did not remember it.


Day 22: Master Sneak Peek

home reno
Want a sneak peek into our master bedroom and bathroom?


The color of both the bedroom and bathroom is Valspars Sea Breath.  It had the word Sea in the name so of course I had to keep with an ocean theme for both rooms.


It is more of a sea-foam green sometimes but then it can look blue.  I love it!


The linens were from Homegoods.  I got a whole set with accent pillows for only $69.99.  I know the sand dollars are very literal and probably belong in a beach house, but I love it!

By Samantha on Etsy provided the four coral silhouettes prints that hang above our bed.

If it isn’t raining tomorrow, I will post some pictures of the finished master bedroom! It’s all about natural lighting!


First Beach Trip

We went for Olivia’s first walk on the beach tonight.  We first got ice cream and then headed on down to the water.  After giving birth just a week ago, I probably should not have walked as far as we did.  I would say we did all in all around 3 miles.  Boy was I sore afterward.  Olivia stayed asleep the whole entire time which was great.  I was nervous about having to feed her in public on the windy beach on our first outing.  I fed her at around 6:30 and she was out cold until 9 pm.  Five minutes into the way home she finally woke up hungry.  I had to nurse and change her diaper in the back of the car.  I might have been a little bit clumsy but I’m sure I will get the hang of it in no time!

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