Feeling Better

IMG_0608I think it is safe to say that O is feeling better now.  She is back to singing loudly.



Family Friendly Food

It’s the third Kid Tested, Mom Approved link up party post!  Today’s post is about healthy and yummy food.  Our household is pretty much obsessed with Hummus so when I saw a Mediterranean Chicken Wrap recipe on the inside cover of the hummus container, I knew we had to try it ASAP!  This meal is the perfect lite weight lunch that can even be prepared the night before. IMG_3890

Main Ingredients:


Before you start, marinate the chicken in Italian dressing for at least an hour or two.  I usually do it over night to make things easier the next day and to let the chicken really soak in the flavors.oneIMG_3891

First Step is to spread your choice of Hummus on the wrap.  We use either Sun dried Tomato or garlic hummus.  I have even been known to get a little frisky by mixing the two together.


IMG_3892 IMG_3894IMG_3900

Second step is to add whatever veggies you want!  I had some carrots in the fridge and some fresh tomatoes.  The more veggies, the merrier.  And yes, I know that technically speaking an olive is a fruit because it is the edible part of a plant from a flower.


Next, add Romaine lettuce leaves.  I buy a bag so I can reseal it and also use it for other things like Caesar salads.

four IMG_3903Add seasoning and cheese if you want.  I usually add salt, pepper and parm cheese to my wraps.

five IMG_3907

You are supposed to grill the chicken which does taste so much better than sauteing it, but if you are like me you leave all of the grilling to your hubby.  So I saute the chicken in the Italian dressing instead of plain oil on medium until cooked through.  When you saute it, it falls apart and shreds easily.