Attack of the Ivy

IMG_0598Well, while Olivia was sick with Croup, I have been battling a terrible poison ivy rash.  It started on my forehead and has traveled all over my body and limbs.  I went to the Urgent Care the morning after Olivia’s late night trip the ER and they gave me a steroid shot and a round of Prednisone.  I had a slight fever when I arrived due to my body having a bad reaction to the poison ivy.  As I walked to my car in the parking lot after the shot, I started to feel dizzy.  Once I turned my car on, I called Jamie to tell him I was on the way back to the house but I started to go silent.  I had to hang up the phone and call the Urgent Care to send nurses out to the parking lot to save me.  They said I was grey!  Not even white.  They had to pull me from my car and I had to stay on a gurney for hours.  UGH!  I don’t know if I had worked myself up from getting a shot or if I had a bad reaction.  I hate needles but I have not had any fainting spells since I got pregnant and had to become a pro.  I thought that if I could get an epidural, I could do ANY needle!

The rash kept getting worse through out the week even after the steroid shot and Prednisone prescription.  The rash was hot to the touch and I felt like I wanted to rip my skin off.  It kept spreading.  It was on my eyes, my neck, my abdomen, my legs… EVERYWHERE!  I went back to the Urgent Care and they had to give me another round of steroids and Prednisone at a higher dosage with a longer tapper.  Thankfully, they gave me the steroids in an oral form and not a shot.  I was already in tears when the doc told me I had to have another round on steroids.  Why they couldn’t have given me the steroids in oral form the first time is beyond me.  I had told the nurse I get faint with needles and that I have to lay down when I get shots.

The rash didn’t scare me as much as taking some pretty heavy medicine.  I was so nervous because Prednisone and breastfeeding are not great together.  Their isn’t a lot of research so it was hard to get clear answers.  Of course the Urgent Care doc had no clue about Prednisone and breastfeeding compatibility.  The Infant Risk Center Hotline and our Ped had to do some research and finally both came to the conclusion that I should wait 4 hours before breastfeeding after taking the Prednisone in the morning and that if I had to stay on the Prednisone for longer than a month, I would have to reevaluate breastfeeding.

The doctor also gave me an anti inflammatory that made me very drowsy.  My mom made the 5 hour trip as soon as she heard that I had passed out at the Urgent Care.  She helped out so much as I was battling my own bodies terrible reaction to the poison ivy and as Olivia recovered from Croup.  It is such a helpless feeling not being able to take care of your own baby because you yourself are sick.




We spent this Friday night at a friends house and had a blast!  We grilled out and played games.  Met and made new friends.  My heart is full!


Mommy and Me Craft

Today’s link up for the Kid Tested, Mommy Approved link up party is hosted by Strawberry Swing & Other Things.  Have you been able to make a special craft or work on a project with your little one?

Since Olivia is only two months old, crafting with her is out of the question… but I have been able to make a few things for her.  I was so excited to get a bubble bottom romper sewing pattern.  I purchased it on Etsy and it is an instant print at home PDF pattern.  The pattern was created by Jen of Tie Die Diva Patterns.  The Ruffle Bum Baby Romper / Bubble pattern includes 6 sizes from newborn through 24 months.  We all know I love to sew so it is so exciting to think I can make newborn size clothes for my daughter.  The patterns are so tiny!  Jamie went with me to Joann’s Fabric and he picked out a pink polka dot and I picked out the contrasting vintage rose fabric.  Of course I had to put roses on it because that is Olivia’s middle name 😉

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 12.53.01 PMIMG_2087

Have you made anything for your little one to wear?

Dog Park

I am a board member of an organization trying to build a dog park in my city.  We just teamed up with one of Jamie’s old clients who makes beautiful natural soaps and other skin care products.  She is making our organization custom human soap and doggie shampoo bars with our logo Bryan the dog on them.  So cute!  We will be selling them for $6 and all proceeds go to building our local dog park.  Check out Sandpiper Soaps on Etsy.  Her soaps are amazing!