DIY: Plastic Picnic Table Makeover

Fotor0908120615 copy copySummer means BBQ’s and family gatherings in the backyard.  With Olivia’s cousins coming to visit this coming weekend, a DIY projects were in order.  IMG_1176-001 copyI found this picnic table on the side of the road about to be picked up by a dump truck.  One persons trash is another persons treasures, right?  IMG_1196-1Jamie had a wonderful, little supervisor as he took the table apart.  It was easier to take the table apart in order to spray paint using two different colors.  Screws and bolts held each piece together so a screwdriver or drill will help.Fotor0908115953 copyJamie picked out two “coastal” Valspar for indoor/outdoor plastic spray paint and primer colors.  It took two good coats to really cover it and then one final coat of Rustoleum clear glossy finish spray to protect it.  IMG_1344 copyI think it turned out super cute!Fotor0908120347 copyAnd the most important person loves it too!



Now you see me

Now you see me…IMG_8072

Now you don’t…


I have been wanting to camouflage our ugly AC Units and Jamie finally gave me the OK!  I wanted to barf every time I ate from the kitchen table and this was my view…

IMG_7813 I picked up 4 Lattice Utility Screens from Lowes and put it together while Jamie worked on a random Sunday.

IMG_8068IMG_8074LOVE IT!


Add Some Color

Spring is here and my garden is definitely NOT ready!IMG_7465The front is looking really drab.  The winter and too many frosty nights were not kind on our plants.  Time to add some color!

IMG_7481 IMG_7485I picked up some yellow Marigolds, Celosia and two pink Stargazer lilies.  I can’t wait to see everything bloom!





IMG_5556 IMG_6657I finally have a chance today to organize my growing stockpile from couponing.  I moved everything up into our playroom walk-in that has great shelving.  It took about an hour just to move it all up!  I have acquired over 20 jumbo packs of toilet paper and paper towels, over 10 Tide detergents and so many beauty products it was crazy seeing it all.  Great work out going up and down the stairs though!  I can easily say I have only spent $50 on all of it!  So exciting but a lot of hard work.


Day 24: File Cabinet Makeover

home reno
Today, I gave an old filing cabinet a makeover.

I needed a place to keep all of our documents but all of the filing systems I found in stores or online cost $100’s!!!  I purchased this file cabinet for $5 off of Craigslist but it was really beat up and boring.


First, I spray painted the cabinet pink.  Then I picked up some paint, a stencil and sponge brushes at Michaels.


I attached the stencil with tape to keep it in place as I sponged on the gold paint.


I randomly placed the flowers all over the file cabinet.


The whole project including the cost of the file cabinet only cost me $10!!!


Day 23: Office Inspiration

home reno
My house is a wreck right now due to this kitchen floor project we are working on.  I have an oven in my bedroom, a washer/dryer and fridge in my living room.  It’s a mess.  I am working so hard to get my office/craft room up stairs put together, but every time I try, the baby starts crying.  Story of my life.

IMG_4168 IMG_4169

I had cleaned it up this much the other week and then opened the closet to find just boxes and boxes of fabrics and junk!

Every time I feel like I have organized it pretty well and I am almost done, I find more that has to be put away.

Hopefully one day I can have it as beautiful as these:

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Day 22: Master Sneak Peek

home reno
Want a sneak peek into our master bedroom and bathroom?


The color of both the bedroom and bathroom is Valspars Sea Breath.  It had the word Sea in the name so of course I had to keep with an ocean theme for both rooms.


It is more of a sea-foam green sometimes but then it can look blue.  I love it!


The linens were from Homegoods.  I got a whole set with accent pillows for only $69.99.  I know the sand dollars are very literal and probably belong in a beach house, but I love it!

By Samantha on Etsy provided the four coral silhouettes prints that hang above our bed.

If it isn’t raining tomorrow, I will post some pictures of the finished master bedroom! It’s all about natural lighting!


Day 21: Playroom Debate

home reno

IMG_0810 IMG_0804 IMG_0805
Our playroom/entertainment room is such a hodge podge right now.  It has  pieces from our old living room, sun room, guestroom and storage. I just doesn’t work.  We have tried the furniture in different places and how the ceiling slants, it makes it very hard to arrange.

Processed with VSCOcam

I have our IKEA daybed (with trundle underneath) that used to be in our sun room of our old house in the playroom.  It provides two extra beds for when people come to stay.

Processed with VSCOcam

The entertainment unit is huge!  Jamie had to have a large flat screen for watching football and the sound system.  I have it on a low IKEA unit but it is still big!

Processed with VSCOcam

This green chair was free and one of the first pieces we got as a married couple.  It used to be in our first apartments living room.  It matched our couch at the time.  Now, it is just so dark and a puke green to me.  I love neutrals but it doesn’t go with our homes aesthetic anymore.  Probably will start looking for a couch or loveseat soon to replace it.

Processed with VSCOcam

I love this grey IKEA rug I purchased for our old living room.  It matches anything!

Processed with VSCOcam
The two IKEA LACK coffee tables on casters match our entertainment unit and wall shelving.  They used to be in our old living room but they are perfect up in the playroom because they can be wheeled easily out of the way.  They are only $29.99 each!

The chalkboard wall is in the back corner of the room.

This window nook is beside the daybed.  I probably will make it a reading nook.  This whole room just does not flow and nothing coordinates well together.  I think some rearranging and furniture shopping is in order soon!