Avett Brothers

IMG_7144Jamie got us tickets to see the Avett Brothers!  What a wonderful date night.  He made the arrangement for our friends (who live 45 minutes away) to watch Olivia while we went out downtown to see the show.  Of course a random tropical storm came right as we were leaving, rush hour traffic and me freaking out about leaving her with sitters for the first time that were non-family I forgot the milk I worked so hard to pump and we were late.  Had to drive frantically to the nearest grocery store on the islands to purchase formula for the first time.  I wanted to cry.  Ran in the store with no umbrella and ruined my hair that I actually put heat on for the first time in forever.  Definitely a Monday!  We had a SCAD student show us our seat in the dark and during the first and second set, people came and told us we were in their seats.  Had to pick up shop and move to the complete other side of the theater.  I didn’t receive any pictures of Olivia which worried me because they promised to keep me updated.  When we got back to our friends house to pick her up at around 11pm she had apparently just woken up.  They said she only wanted to play and didn’t want to transition asleep.  It was a rough but nice night.



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