Four Months


I can’t believe my big girl is 4 months old already!  Livie is 12.1 lbs, 23.5 inches long and has a 16.3 inch round noggin.  That’s the 10th percentile, but she is big to me.  So much has changed within the last month.  She no longer sleeps right beside me.  She is in her own crib in her own room.  *Tear*   She has become so much more self efficient when playing.  I can now leave her for at least 15 minutes with a toy before she gets restless.  Livie has really come into her own and is showing us her big personality a little more each day.

IMG_3567 copy IMG_3530

  • Olivia likes to have puddles of drool spots on all of her clothes.
  • She now sleeps in her crib and can self sooth herself to sleep.
  • Livie has been practicing sitting up and loves to lay on her stomach in a superman’s pose.
  • She loves to smile and open her mouth really wide with excitement.
  • Livie likes to laugh when you shake her legs and bottom.
  • She now grabs her legs and feet too pull them in closer when you lay her on her back.
  • When she is hungry she makes an mmmmhmmmm sound.
  • Olivia has a bedtime routine.  The process starts at 7:00 pm and consists  of a bath, story time with daddy, nursing and then put to bed by 7:30 pm.
  • She has begun to flip over from her stomach to her back.  When laying on her back she can flip to her side.
  • Livs can hold her head up like a big girl and sit up in a chair or lap.




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