Day 23: Office Inspiration

home reno
My house is a wreck right now due to this kitchen floor project we are working on.  I have an oven in my bedroom, a washer/dryer and fridge in my living room.  It’s a mess.  I am working so hard to get my office/craft room up stairs put together, but every time I try, the baby starts crying.  Story of my life.

IMG_4168 IMG_4169

I had cleaned it up this much the other week and then opened the closet to find just boxes and boxes of fabrics and junk!

Every time I feel like I have organized it pretty well and I am almost done, I find more that has to be put away.

Hopefully one day I can have it as beautiful as these:

46797af53fee535c4c0b050c27150d606033e588ec0d0cd165da9d8b1e3b4404 268050d63869a786b875440ddbc43bff



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