Day 21: Playroom Debate

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IMG_0810 IMG_0804 IMG_0805
Our playroom/entertainment room is such a hodge podge right now.  It has  pieces from our old living room, sun room, guestroom and storage. I just doesn’t work.  We have tried the furniture in different places and how the ceiling slants, it makes it very hard to arrange.

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I have our IKEA daybed (with trundle underneath) that used to be in our sun room of our old house in the playroom.  It provides two extra beds for when people come to stay.

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The entertainment unit is huge!  Jamie had to have a large flat screen for watching football and the sound system.  I have it on a low IKEA unit but it is still big!

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This green chair was free and one of the first pieces we got as a married couple.  It used to be in our first apartments living room.  It matched our couch at the time.  Now, it is just so dark and a puke green to me.  I love neutrals but it doesn’t go with our homes aesthetic anymore.  Probably will start looking for a couch or loveseat soon to replace it.

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I love this grey IKEA rug I purchased for our old living room.  It matches anything!

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The two IKEA LACK coffee tables on casters match our entertainment unit and wall shelving.  They used to be in our old living room but they are perfect up in the playroom because they can be wheeled easily out of the way.  They are only $29.99 each!

The chalkboard wall is in the back corner of the room.

This window nook is beside the daybed.  I probably will make it a reading nook.  This whole room just does not flow and nothing coordinates well together.  I think some rearranging and furniture shopping is in order soon!




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