Day 13: Major Appliances

home reno


I can’t begin to describe how filthy and disgusting the appliances were in this house.  We got the keep all of the appliances in our first house from the previous tenants. They were so clean and in such great condition.  These on the other hand, I would never want to use.  I think we would have caught a disease.

IMG_0825 IMG_0827
Why do major appliances have to be so expensive???

appliances I am all about getting a deal and so I was ready to do some major price matches when we went to Lowes to purchase our kitchen appliances.  They will not only price match, but they also will take an addition 10% off an appliance if you can find it cheaper at a local store.  The store has to have it in stock at the physical location.  You can’t price match with an online retailer or a store who doesn’t have the actual item in their inventory at that moment.oneThe first major appliance we purchased was the oven.  You know you are no longer newlyweds when you purchase a new oven as an anniversary gift to yourselves.  I wanted all stainless steel appliances so I did my research on reviews and prices and picked out the Whirlpool 30-in Smooth Surface Freestanding 4.8-cu ft Self-Cleaning Electric Range.  It had a retail sticker of $699 but by the time I haggled we got down to $539.  The guys at Lowes were not so happy with my knowledge of prices.  We saved a total of $160 for our gift to ourselves.

twoThe second appliance purchased was a gift from Jamie’s parents.  When we first moved in, we purchased a cheapo ivory GE french door fridge to hold us over until we had the funds to purchase a stainless steel one.  We got it off of Craiglist for $300.  Well, it lasted about a week and then we realized it wasn’t cooling correctly.  That was $300 down the drain.  Jamie’s parents graciously told us to go to Lowes and pick a new one out.  I wanted to stay with the Whirlpool family to get a fridge that matched our oven.  We had a very limited selection when we started to measure the fridges at Lowes.  Even though they might be the exact height of your opening between the floor and bottom of your cabinets, does not mean that it will fit.  You should always have a gap above the fridge and cabinets.  Also, make sure the stainlesses between your appliances match.  Little did I know that not all stainless steels are the same.  I choose the Energy Star  Whirlpool 26.4-cu ft Side-By-Side Refrigerator with single Ice Maker in monochromatic satina steel. The handles of the fridge match the stove but the body itself doesn’t.  It is more of a brushed stainless.  I will say that I like the satina steel more than the regular stainless steel.  It does not show water and hand prints like the stove and dishwasher.  It was at the time on sale from it’s original retail price of $1,399 cut down to $1,349 but that wasn’t good enough for me.  Even though it wasn’t my money, I wanted more of a discount.  So I took out my Iphone and started Googling.  I found the fridge cheaper at Home Depot and got them to match the price and then take an additional 10%.  We saved $260!  Jamie’s mom had told him before we left for Lowes over the phone to get a friend to help bring it home.  Jamie loaded it in my parents truck with the help of an employee and then expected me to help him bring it into the house once we got home.  Can you picture an 8, almost 9, month pregnant women pushing and carrying a fridge into her house.  Not cool!  But I did it or else it would have sat in our driveway.  Don’t worry, I made sure to turn him in on the phone to his mother.  She definitely made sure to let him know how wrong it was.  threeThe third major appliance came the same week as the new fridge.  My parents gifted us the funds to buy a new dishwasher so we could complete all of the new appliance purchases in our kitchen.  The dishwasher left by the tenants before smelled so moldy and I refused to use it.  I again went to Lowes and stuck with my Whirlpool appliance.  We purchased the stainless steel Energy Star Whirlpool Gold 24″ Built-In Dishwasher.  It retails for $599 but I got it down to $449.  We saved $150. fourThe last appliance purchased was the hood range.  We originally purchased a two-in-one microwave and range but realized that when installed, it would not leave a big enough gap between the range and stove top.  So we returned the microwave and purchased the Broan 403004 30 In. stainless steel ducted range hood.  The retail on one can be $159 but after applying discounts on Amazon, we scored it for only $71.99 + free shipping.  It is so much more streamlined than a big old chunky microwave about the stove top.

So our total savings was about $660 when all was said a done.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

I will post pictures of what the appliances all look like after we redo the floor.  Right now it is tore up.  I was so over the old laminate floor so one night last week while Jamie worked late and the baby was asleep, I took the crowbar into my own hands.



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