Day 11: Three Plates

home reno
It’s already day 11 of the 31 Days Challenge and I feel like I haven’t even begun to show you our home yet.  I guess that is because we are currently renovating and finishing up projects still!  I have been posting as we go.  The 31 Days Challenge has really given us the motivation we needed to push through  and complete a lot of the lingering projects our home has.  We made our home liveable before little Livie came and are now getting to the point where we can fine tune each room.

Today’s post is about a little white corner.  I painted our whole kitchen white.  White walls, white cabinets, white china to eat off of.  I wanted it to be fresh and clean.  But sometimes you just need a pop of color.

Little Olivia Rose has been sleeping in her crib for the first time this past week.  It has been an exhausting transition to say the least!  During one of the hour long periods we had of her going to sleep and then waking up an hour later screaming, we decided to hang three plates in our little white corner of our kitchen.

Jamie is the most amazing husband.  Besides being an amazing father to Olivia and getting up every time she cries during the night, even if I’m the one feeding her, he will complete any project I have my heart set on.  I was feeling like we were at a stand still when it came to the home projects the other night and wanted these plates hung.  They had been sitting on our kitchen table for weeks.  I asked if we could do it and he immediately went to the garage and got the hammer and nails.


I knew I wanted to have a “plate wall” in my kitchen but I looked for months and months to find the perfect plates.  I finally found a yum yellow appetizer plate from Target (in-store) from their new fall line.  It was the first plate collected and under $5!  I already had the YUM metal 3D letters in my kitchen on the opposite wall so it was a great compliment.

I went to Target a few weeks later with my mom (I will be the first one to admit that I have a Target problem) while she was in town and saw a white ceramic clock down one of the isles.  I loved the style of it and the fact that it was a clock and plate in one was amazing.  I didn’t want white because I was searching for pops of color but when I looked behind a few of the boxes hanging there, I found the teal!  It was perfect!  And it was only $19.99!!!  The third plate was gift from my mom.  She has the exact same one hanging in her dining room.  They had come in a set of two so she sent me the companion.


My dad let us on to these disc adhesive plate hangers.  They adhere to the back of a round object and already have the hook attached.  They are so easy!  Hobby Lobby sells them for $2 for a 3″ disc.  We needed a 5 1/2″ to hang the green plate.  The felt pads make sure that the plates don’t scratch up our wall.  So important for us since our walls are white.

Due to a lack of sleep, we didn’t think about the nail and hook sticking out of the top of the green plate.  We should of put the adhesive disc hanger lower on the back of the plate.  Solution: tie some ribbon in a bow and glue it on.  I just purchased teal stripped ribbon at Michaels in their clearance bins outside of the store early that day.  Could the timing be any more perfect?  I don’t think so.

Jamie’s reward- homemade pumpkin pie.  Can you tell this whole crib transition is a little tiring?



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