Day 9: Living Room Transformation

home reno
Today, I will show an overview of the transformation our living room undertook during our renovation.  I go into detail about the items that make this space so wonderful HERE.

We worked pretty hard to get the living room in shape when we first moved in.  It is the central space in the house and if we got it completed, everything else would start to fall into place around it.

Our living room is the first space you walk into when you enter our home.  It is the first impression.


The front wall is made up of four large windows that overlook the front porch and yard.


It is the only full wall to work with in the living room so our big couch had to go there.

Our Paula Deen couch can probably fit 5 people comfortably.

Off to the left of the front wall is our fireplace.


The fireplace is the real focal point in the room so all of the furniture was placed around it.

To see our fireplace transformation click HERE.


The living room’s back wall has two openings that peer into the kitchen on both sides of a large doorway.  Due to the openings, their really isn’t a lot of wall space to work with.


The left side has a white Studio Narrow Wall Shelf from Pottery Barn and a black chair my mom got for free from a client.  This corner has a more natural feel to it.

Josie has claimed the right corner.

See our staircase transformation HERE.


The staircase wall has an IKEA STÄLL shoe cabinet on it.   Two wing-back chairs create a walk way into the house.


Josie likes the transformation, do you?




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