Day 7: YUM

home reno

I don’t want everyday this month to be about boring construction.  So here is a cute little project I completed this weekend.


I found this adorable YUM sign at Target for 24.99 a few months back.  I wanted to fill this very narrow wall in our kitchen/dining area and it was a perfect fit.  The only problem, I hated how dark it was on my kitchens all white walls.  It was not subtle.  And I like subtle.

Solution: SPRAY PAINT!  I love a good spray paint transformation.


I was hesitant at first to pick this yellow because it is so bold and loud.  My mom talked me into it.  I should trust her opinion since she is an interior designer.  I ran out of drop cloths so I thought on my feet cut a trash bag in half.  I had to think fast because Olivia was napping and you never know if a nap will last 20 minutes or 4 hours.


Once I hung the letters back on the wall I realized that the screw heads were now obnoxious.  Easy fix.  I just sprayed some of the paint onto a plate and used a little paint brush to cover them with the yellow.

I love how it turned out!  It is the perfect saying for Olivia.  She is about to start trying solids in a month or two and I can only imagine how many times we will be saying yum.



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