Day 6: Painting Foul

home reno

I can easily say that I made at least 30 trips to Lowes within the first two months of our renovations.  I was on a first name basis with the paint guys.  It got to the point where I would walk up and they would ask, “what room and how much?”  I didn’t even have to give them the paint color names or tell them what finish.  They were great.  Well, that is, until the day my favorite guy Mikey wasn’t there.


Oh, yeah!  That’s right.  Pink walls.  And this wasn’t Olivia’s room.  It was my stairway.  This old woman was filling in at the paint station one day and I assumed she knew what she was doing.  I should have remembered the saying Jamie always says.  Assuming makes an (you know what) out of you and me. I told her the correct paint color but she didn’t fill the brown cartridge in the paint mixer that day and the computer had been warning her it was low.

It was late in the afternoon when I got it.  Jamie wanted to do a second/third coat on the stairway of Olympic Silver Sand.  By the way, It is my favorite neutral color I have ever found.  It is grey, silver, purple, blue, taupe, beige… you name it, depending on the time of day.


It was late at night, and I mean late when Jamie painted the second coat.  It was dark out and we had already been working over at the house ALL day.  He started with the upstairs hallway and worked his way down the stairs.  He asked me about halfway through if the paint looked weird.  At that point, we had just two crappy lights lighting the whole house as we worked and it was dark out.  It was way too difficult to see that it was wrong.  We just thought it was still wet and would dry darker.  Um, no.  It didn’t.  I didn’t notice just how off the color was until he was at the bottom of the stairs.  It was way off!!!

I looked up all of a sudden and saw a pink stairway.  At first I thought maybe he had grabbed some paint for Olivia’s room.  But then I remembered that I had decided to paint her room green and not pink at the last minute.  Poor thing had wasted hours doing the second coat and stairways are not easy to begin with.  He had a ladder rigged all kinds of ways to reach our high ceilings up there.  I felt so bad.  It was one of those moments where you don’t know if you should laugh or cry.  I think it ended up being a combination between both for my mom and I.  Jamie just went back to the apartment in a huff.  I can understand why.

Moral of the story: never assume.  And always check your paint.  You know that batches will be a little off from one another when you get paint mixed.  Follow your instinct.  If you start to question it at the beginning, never assume it will dry darker.  Chances are, it will.  But you never know.  You may end up with a pink stairway.

See how we renovated our stairs here:IMG_4589



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