Day 5: Doorway

home reno

The kitchen needed a lot of work to update it but one major problem was the back doorway in it.  The people living here before us decided to enclose half of the back patio that had extended the whole length of the house.  We think they need another bedroom for a baby because it had a lot of kids things left in it.


They kept the glass doors that used to lead outside in, but when they left, they left two shattered glass doors.  When our bank appraiser for our mortgage came to look at the house, he of course said we could not have broken glass.  We had to make a fast temporary fix.  My favorite part of the picture above is the beer can smasher.


So Jamie and his parents took out the doors and then put back up the molding that was already there to make him happy.  They also took out the outdoor threshold that was a major tripping hazard.  When we started doing the major renovations, Jamie and his parents actually finished the job.IMG_2370

I decided that I didn’t need a doorway the size that is was.  It was way to big and wasted a lot of space for the room off of the kitchen.  Also, If I were to get new cabinets in the future I would want more space to work with in the kitchen.  They first put up drywall to enclose the doorway.


Then it all had to be puttied and filled in.  Jamie and I fell in love with this pink putty that goes on pink and dries white so that you know when it is done. They put up metal drywall corners and all!  We would not have gotten it done if it weren’t for Jamie’s parents knowledge on how to put up a wall.  So thankful for their time and energy spent on it.  They worked on it for two weekends to make sure it was perfect.


I love this instant download 8 x 10 print I found on Etsy by Printable Wisdom.  It seriously took two minutes to purchase, print and hang up.  I just used an old white frame I already had.  No need to leave the house for a new print anymore with these instant downloads many artist are doing.  So convenient and cheap.  I only paid $5 for this one and I will never forget how many cups are in a pint again.Fotor0100411222

I purchased this cute Time Out chair for under $20 at a thrift store in Southport, NC during family beach week this year.  I could have made it but I decided the money and energy I would have to spend on it it with a little one just wasn’t worth it.  It was much easier purchasing it already done for cheap.  The woman who made it used Scrabble letters to spell out ‘time out.’

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