Day 2: Clean Up

home reno
We had about a few weeks transition period where our lease on our apartment and the day we closed on our house overlapped. It was nice to not be forced to move in right away but we were strapped for time.  We had a lot of cleaning and prep work to do before being able to paint and do construction.  Thankfully, we had the help of both sets of our parents and friends that we had made in Savannah.  Without them, it would have just been Jamie doing all of the work because a 8 month pregnant woman is useless.  Half of the chemicals used to clean were unsafe for me or made me sick.  I had no energy and it was just a stressful time.  I wanted to help so bad but couldn’t.  I saw the stress everyone was under trying to tame this beast we had taken on, but I couldn’t lend a hand.  You want to be apart of fixing up your own home, but I was helpless.  Picking up the truck loads of trash in our yard for just 15 minutes made me winded.  I just sat in a UNC tailgating chair placed in the middle of the living room all day delegating.  I hated telling people what to do since I wasn’t contributing.

The biggest prep job besides sanitizing the whole house was taking down the popcorn ceiling. Looking back, I wish I had taken more pictures of the process.  Jamie was going to rent a big sander from Home Depot that can be used to take it down but of course all of them were either broken or rented for weeks at our local stores.  He had to do the whole 2,000 square feet of house by hand.  He would spray the ceiling with water to dampen it.  As a sprayer, Jamie used a fertilizer sprayer so that it was a light spray.  It takes a few tries to figure out just how much is appropriate to spray.  He then had scrap it off with a drywall putty knife.  My arm would have fallen off after doing just a little bathroom.  He had to put plastic on the walls and floors in order to contain the mess.  It scraps off as easy at slicing through butter but it drys really fast and gets everywhere.  It is a very thin dust that gets in your nose and in your eyes.  Terrible.  He had to wear goggles and a mask to protect himself.


Poor thing working through the night!


He would come home every night after working on the ceiling just covered in white dust and have to take a long shower.  He was blowing white powder out of his nose and it was really irritating his contacts.


We had a lot of unfinished walls to build and doorways to fix.  The worst was the doorway that used to leave the kitchen onto the back patio.  Since they enclosed that side of the patio, it was just a big hole in the wall.  We closed the frame off to be the size of a regular door way with drywall and a lot of love.  Thank goodness Jamie’s parents knew how to put up drywall and finish corners.  They also had to build a completely new attic entry in our ceiling upstairs because the guy living here before decided to create a room and put the wall right down the middle of the attic so that it was inaccessible.


Did I mention we had to do all of this work without working water?



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