Weekend Shenanigans

{one}  Started our weekend off with a real bang!  A tree took out a panel of our fence.  Just wonderful.
{two}  Olivia learned all about Adam and Eve in our family worship night.  She kept getting really big eyes every time she saw Eve.  “No she didn’t!”
{three}  The Bark Park I am a board member on is hosting a Yappy Hour Fundraiser and I got a friend to create amazing flyers for it.
{four}  We slept in our crib for a few minutes this weekend.  Just a few.
{five}  We went to the beach at St. Simon’s Island today.  She was all smiles until we got out there.  We only lasted an hour.
{six}  I got beer tumblers monogrammed for us so we no longer have to worry about glass on the beach.  So fun.  Will post more about them later.
{seven}  Ate amazing shrimp in a little historic town.  Population like five but the restaurant we kept hearing about was beautiful.  Right on the water with an amazing deck.
{eight}  We have been fighting the crazy cowlick all weekend.
{nine}  We went to the Honda dealership to look at some Honda Pilots.  I fell in love with one.  We will see.
Sami's Shenanigans

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