Five on Friday

Little Livie and I are drove home from Florida yesterday.  We had a blast visiting family.
Olivia got to meet so many new faces.

Here is my Five on Friday for the week!  Short and Sweet.


2 month

I cannot believe little Livie is 2 months old!  Where has the time gone?!?  She has developed and grown so much just within the last week.  I want her to stay this small forever!



Meeting Great Grandparents.  Olivia has met all but one Great within the past two weeks.  Their faces just light up so much when they first meet her.  The only one she hasn’t met is my mom’s mom who lives all the way in Washington state.  It is so fun seeing all of the generations together.



I have been listening to this cover of Grimes’ “Oblivion” by Franz Ferdinand all week. I love the original but this cover is great!



I am OBSESSED with Catbird stackable rings!  They sell the whole alphabet in silver, gold and rose gold.  I really want an ‘O’ for Olivia, a horizontal bar of diamonds, an “I ❤ u”  and a heart.  I really could have them all!!!!  They are so delicate and simple.  My ring finger is a size 4.5 so I can usually only pull off thin and slender rings.  I have been hinting at Jamie for awhile now.  Wink, wink…



Even though we got a big L for UNC’s first game of the season, it is still fun to dress little Livie up.  We might be watching it from home but that doesn’t stop me from accessorizing!



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