Two Months

2 month

I cannot believe I have two month old!  I don’t know how the time has flown right past me.

  • Olivia likes to blow bubbles.
  • She has the biggest blue eyes that melt my heart every time she looks at me.
  • Livie has started to socially smile at people in response to things she likes.
  • Every time you lay her on her back she puts her feet up thinking it’s time for a diaper change.
  • She has talons!  Her nails have to be cut every couple of days or they will scratch you to pieces.
  • She has slept through the whole night the past week (8-10 hours).  Thank goodness!
  • Livie has become a very efficient and eager eater.  It only takes her 10 minutes or less to eat instead of the never ending hour long feedings she was doing.
  • Disposables have been giving her diaper rash so we try to use the cloth diapers as much as possible.
  • Livie has met all of her Great Grandparents except my Oma who lives in Washington State.
  • She loves to accessorize and never fights it.  I expected her to rip bows out of her hair after hearing a lot of moms complaining about their little ones.
  • Olivia is the BEST traveler!  I don’t think she has ever had a bad moment when out and about.  She just sits quietly and stares.



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