Poor baby girl has had a tough two days.  Jamie went for an overnight work trip on Saturday to Atlanta.  Thankfully my parents came into town that afternoon and were a big help!  She has hit so many milestones this past week that I can tell she is tired and cranky.  Her daddy left her overnight, she started developing tears when she cries, she has slept through the night three nights in a row, she is socially smiling all of the time now, she has been really working her neck muscles trying to see everything and she traveled to Florida yesterday for a trip without her dad.  Phew.  I cannot blame her for being a little tired and cranky.  I can just tell as a mom that she has been overstimulated.  My parents took us to Florida so little Liv’s could meet her Great Grandma (my dad’s mom) and her Urgroßvater & Nana (my moms dad and step-mom).  They both retired about 20 minutes from each other just outside of Ocala.  We are here until Thursday which I hope is not too much for her to handle.  I would hate for a sleep regression to happen though I’m sure it will.  At least we have fun Facetime chats with Daddy and Grandparents, Great Grands, Uncles and Cousins love to get us through this week while we are in FL!



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