Seborrheic Dermatitis

seborrheic dermatitis

Olivia started to develop red bumps on her face at about a week and a half.  It covered all of her little chunky cheeks.  She had the normal Milia (little white bumps) on her forehead as well.  The doctor at her two week visit said it was all very common in newborns and to just wash it with clean water and keep it dry.  He also said that is what Photoshop is for.  Who wants to have to Photoshop their 2 week olds face? I want to document it for what it actually looks like.

I researched baby acne when we got home and apparently 40% of newborns get it so I relaxed.  I read that it bothers mama more than it bothers the baby (they don’t even know they have it).  Don’t get me wrong, I still think she has the most precious face, but the red bumps look like they would hurt me if they were on my face sometimes.

At her one month well check up I asked her pediatrician if it was still baby acne.  She had also developed flaky skin on her hair line and eyebrows.  The Milia had cleared up completely but the red bumps just would not go away.  Some days it looked worse than others.  On the bad days, it looked more like a rash.  It got red and more inflamed anytime she was upset or cried.  I of course Googled some more before our check-up and found that babies can get seborrheic dermatitis.  It is basically cradle cap of the face.  Newborns skin can get dry and the face over compensates by producing more oils which gets trapped under the skin.  I asked him about it and sure enough she had it.  He recommended massaging olive oil on the flaky skin and then taking my thumb nail and scraping the skin away.  He said it wouldn’t hurt her because the Olive Oil will loosen the skin.  He said to then get Selsun Blue and put it on the affected areas, leave it on for a minute and then rinse off.  I was alarmed when he told us to get Selsun Blue because I don’t want to put harsh chemicals on my little Livies face.  Before I could question it, he said he had to use this treatment on his daughters face when she was a newborn.  It was reassuring to hear he had used it.  I hate it when doctors tell you to do something without experiencing it first hand themselves.

Jamie and I picked some up at Publix on the way home.  Jamie of course wanted to buy the generic kind because it was cheaper, but if I was going to put chemicals on Olivia’s face, I was going to use exactly what the doctor prescribed.  She had no problem with me massaging it on her face and rinsing it off.  I was so glad she didn’t put up a fight because I was so nervous that I was going to get it in her eyes.  The next morning I could see a dramatic difference.  She only had a few red bumps left.  The doctor said to do 2-3 treatments to knock it out completely.  Two days after the first treatment I could see the bumps coming back.  I did her second treatment yesterday while giving her a bath.  She again only has a few bumps left today.  I’m hoping all of them will be gone by her third treatment I will give her tomorrow.  Let’s hope for the best!




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