First Doctors Visit

Olivia had her first doctors visit today.  She was 6 lbs 11 oz and still 19.5 in length.  She had to get blood drawn to check for jaundice just as a precaution.  Olivia’s coombs test came back positive in the hospital.  I am O blood type and she is A+.  A positive Coombs test means that there is a difference between mom and baby’s blood type.   Mom’s body sees the baby’s blood as foreign and it makes antibodies against it.  Some of mom’s blood and antibodies get into the baby’s blood and attacks; it starts to break some of the baby’s red blood cells. The can cause jaundice.  Her levels in the hospital stayed below 5 which was great!  They wanted to just do a quick follow up just in case after we left the hospital.



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