Pregnancy was always a scary concept to me.  I just pictured myself hurled over a toilet and eating ice cream… and I did end up doing both of those things!  I want to share a few things like what cravings I had, what clothes worked for me and anything else I learned during my pregnancy that I think others could benefit from.

SICKNESS: I suffered from the dreaded morning sickness for about six months.  It was off and on, thank goodness but when I had it… I had it all day.  I would randomly smell my husband cooking eggs in the morning and suddenly feel the urge to throw up last nights dinner.  I loved eggs.  I ate a hard boiled egg almost everyday before pregnancy.  Now they were my enemy. Ginger ale, Ginger Beer, nausea tablets and medicine didn’t seem at all to help me. I will say that what caused the morning sickness most of the time was my stomach being empty. You probably don’t want to eat if you have just thrown up your lunch but I’m telling you, keep food in your stomach! If I didn’t force myself to eat (even if it was just some crackers), I would be in the bathroom within minutes. Thankfully my husband was a great support system for me and made sure I stayed fed and hydrated.  I worked part-time my whole pregnancy and it helped me but also caused difficulty.  I never vomited at work but I did get a lot of headaches and nausea.

SLEEP:  I got anywhere from 1 to 10 hours of sleep each night. I constantly was repositioning myself trying to get comfortable. When you hear that you will have to pee a lot during pregnancy, they mean it. I was up just about every hour going to the bathroom and always had to go right when I had found a comfortable position!

CRAVINGS:  Through my first and second trimester I craved salty things.  In particular, sour cream and onion chips!  I could eat a whole bag in one sitting while trying to get in a comfortable position on the couch.  In my third trimester it switched and I craved sweets.  I had to make myself a Smore’s (maybe Jamie made it more often than I did) in the microwave every night or I could not go to sleep. I honestly can not believe I only gained 34 lbs when all is said and done!

WEIGHT:  My pre-pregnancy weight was 114 lbs and I got up to 148 lbs in the last weeks.  I was slow to gain at first because everything I ate went straight into the toilet but in my third trimester I did eat a lot of fruit and only gained the recommended one pound per week.  Sometimes I even gained just a half a pound!

My OB was always making cracks at me for trying to stay in bikini shape since summer was fast approaching.  I never worked out even though fitness it is my husbands profession.  Even he could not motivate me.  I walked when I wasn’t plagued by the morning sickness and I walked up the one flight of stairs in our apartment building everyday… but that was the full extent of my exercise.  I kept saying I wanted to work out during pregnancy to keep the weight off and to have a smoother delivery but I just never managed to follow threw.  I do have a million Youtube prenatal workout videos saved in my bookmarks.  I also have a pair of yellow 5 lbs hand weights still collecting dust next to my bed.  I guess I should start using them.  I recommend exercising right away if I find out your pregnant.  If you get into a routine before the sickness (if you get it) plaques you, it will be so much easier to motivate yourself.  Also, excerising will help with pushing.  I was so sore after birth because my muscles were like jello.

CLOTHING:  I didn’t want to buy a lot maternity clothes and I almost got away with only buying one pair of pants my whole pregnancy. I squeezed into whatever Medium tops I had and wore a lot of spandex.  I live in leggings as it is so that was nothing new.  I’m sure glad I am addicted to Recovery and have a stockpile of OS black leggings from them.  I purchased one black and one white maternity cami for layering my jackets and cute cardigans with but my Recover OS cami’s also worked my whole pregnancy.  I was a manager at Talbots for a few years and have collected a charming cardigan in every color under the rainbow so I was a layering fool!  I also purchased a few buy 1 get 1 50% maternity tank tops at Old Navy that were perfect for summer.  I got them in a size medium even though I started out wearing smalls in my first trimester just so I could grow into them and make them last longer.  I still wear them!  They have elastic down the sides which hides unwanted post-pregnancy fat and you can even pull the neckline down for breastfeeding.

I had to break down and buy two pair of maternity shorts during my last month because it was too hot in June to be wearing jeans and I was getting sick of my skirts I had on constant rotation.  Just the thought I spending money on maternity shorts grossed me out.  I was not where I wanted it to be in the last month.  Who really wants to see a pregnant lady in short shorts, which is all the store have as an option?!?  I do live in the very humid Georgia so I had to make myself buy them.  It took me trying on in five stores before I found some that were not showing my butt cheeks or that were not grandma style bermuda’s.  I am still wearing the ones I bought after having Olivia because they are stretchy and so comfortable.  The high elastic waste acts a spanx now.  I got them at Motherhood Maternity on buy 1 get one 1/2 off.  I was even able to get an additional 20% which helped talk me into handing over my credit card at the register.

I purchased four actual ‘maternity’ dresses but can still wear them post-pregnancy.  They have tie waistbands which make them adjustable and perfect to hide my post-pregnancy pooch.  They also allow for breastfeeding without having to practically undress.  Maxi’s and I are now bff’s!  I am 5’2″ and all maxi’s are always WAY too long even with wedges on.  My belly shortened all of the cute maxi dresses and skirts that I have collected over the years thinking that they would magically hem themselves. I’m glad I was too lazy to do so because they were a perfect length during pregnancy.  They grew with my belly which saved me lots of money.

UNEXPECTED HOSPITAL VISIT:  I did end up in the hospital during my 27th week.  It was a Sunday morning and I had an Ego waffle and a cup of water for breakfast before we left the house.  Jamie and I went to our house of worship and I was feeling great.  I even had curled my hair and got dressed up (heels and all) because their was going to be a special talk given that morning.  We sat in the second row because I always get too distracted sitting in back.  We sang the opening song and in middle of the opening prayer I all of a sudden “fell like a sack of potatoes” as Jamie described it.  I felt fine right before.  I never felt lightheaded like I do if I feel like I am going to pass out (I have a terrible fear of needles and usually black out at the site of one).   Jamie somehow caught me right before I hit the ground.  I came to right away and felt a little shaky.  Jamie rushed me to a backroom and thankfully two nurses were sitting a row away from us and saw the whole thing.  They immediately went to their cars and came back with their bags of nursing tools.  They took my blood pressure and blood sugar within a minute.  They were fanning me and making me drink water.  They asked me if I had eaten that morning and when all the tests came back normal we were all stunned.  Everyone thought my blood sugar level was low but it wasn’t.  Jamie called the triage nurse since it was a Sunday and my OB’s office was closed.  They said because I was over 20 weeks I had to come into the hospital for an exam and testing.  We waited five hours in the hospital just to find out of that Olivia had put pressure on the large vein (called the inferior vena cava) that carries blood back to the heart from my feet and legs.  My brain told my body to pass out instead of stroking out.  Good call brain!  I knew that sleeping on my back during pregnancy could increase my heart rate due to her position on that vein but I had no idea that she could do it with me when I was just standing up normal for five minutes.  It was a scary ordeal but at least it was nothing serious and I never had the problem again.  I just had to keep moving and not stand in one place for too long the rest of my pregnancy.



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