Baby Showers

We were very fortunate enough to have three separate baby showers. My mom, Jamie’s mom and then a few new friends in GA of ours each held one.  My mom’s was in Apex, NC where they live, Jamie’s mom’s was in Burgaw, NC (near Wilmington where he grew up) and our friends threw one here in Savannah for our new Georgia family.

Shower # 1:  The first was hosted by my parents.  We had about 50 people in attendance.  It was great to be back in North Carolina and to see all of our old friends.

Shower # 2:  Jamie’s parents held the second one a day later at her house.  Jamie’s whole family and old family friends came over for an afternoon cookout.  It was 85 degree perfect weather!

Shower # 3: My friends here in Savannah, GA threw a small shower for just the ladies. We had great food and some great laughs!

Third Shower



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