Seven Months


  • Olivia has two bottom teeth.
  • Livie has been practicing crawling.  She can get on all fours but hasn’t mastered coordinating all of the moving parts yet.
  • She loves kisses on her neck.
  • Livie is ticklish on her ribs.
  • She loves trying new foods and wants everything we have on our plate.  She says “yum” or “ummm” every time you give her a piece of food and will whine for the next piece if you are too slow.
  • Olivia likes to hold herself up and stand against the tub when it is filling up with water.  She gets really excited when she sees her bath friends floating around.
  • Lives now sleeps through the night.
  • She is now in a big girls convertible car seat that sits up.
  • Livie likes to put her hand in anyones mouth.
  • Olivia loves Peg + Cat on PBS.  “I’m totally freaking out!”


Goose Egg

IMG_6913We got our first goose egg today.  She was trying to crawl and did a face plant right into our playroom
coffee table.  She cried a little but a little milk made it all better!  I hate to see a little bruise on her forehead!