6 years <3


Jamie planned an amazing getaway for our 6 year anniversary.  We traveled only an hour north for an overnight stay in Beaufort, SC.  My parents came and watched little O for our first overnight stay away from her. IMG_9061

It was storming when we arrived but the rain cleared while we explored downtown and then the sun was out for the rest of our stay.

IMG_9069   Of course I had to get Olivia a little gift while we were away.


We stayed at the Rhett House Inn where Forest Gump was filmed.  It is a beautiful B&B with an amazing staff.Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 1.28.23 PMWe stayed in room #1 on the main floor that had a beautiful gay window that overlooked the garden.

IMG_9099Fotor0611125414We were greeted with Champs to start our stay!

Fotor0611125549 Fotor0611125654

The grounds of the Rhett House Inn are beautiful.  We played croquet and badminton in the afternoon. IMG_9105For dinner, we headed to the waterfront and enjoyed our meal on the patio of the Saltus River Grill.  We shared a Gnocchi app, I had a filet and Jamie had Sea Scallops with risotto.


After dinner, we enjoyed a stroll along the Chambers Waterfront Park.  Many swings line the waterfront.  You can get great views of the Beaufort River, the Woods Memorial Bridge, the western tip of Lady’s Island, the eastern side of Port Royal Island, and the northern tip of Parris Island.  IMG_9117

The Rhett House Inn offers complimentary, homemade desserts in the evening.  We sampled all four that were offered.  So yummy!  Jamie said the apple pie was the best he had ever had.  IMG_9120

We had complimentary breakfast on the front porch.  I had french toast and Jamie had the blueberry pancakes.


After breakfast, we explored downtown on the beach cruisers provided by the inn.  I love seeing South Carolina’s second-oldest city and its wonderful historic downtown district.  The homes and landscaping are amazing.IMG_9128Before departing, we took a dip in the pool at the Sanctuary Golf Club where the Rhett House Inn guests have full access.  Soaked up some rays and then headed back home.

These past 6 years have been amazing. Jamie, you have given me the most precious gift I could have ever asked for, our beautiful daughter Olivia Rose. I love you to the moon and back and can’t wait to grow old with you. No one but you could put up with me this long!



Mosquito Attack

IMG_9010 IMG_9015My poor little baby was attacked by Mosquito’s yesterday.  She woke up with horrible welts and raised skin.  It looked so sad but she didn’t even seem bothered by them or cry!  When I talked to her Ped on the phone, they said it was very common in our coastal area.  So scary!  Benadryl and hydrocortisone were prescribed to calm the bites.  She is one tough cookie!  If I had over 15 bites on each leg, I would be crying and screaming.


Fresh Produce

IMG_8941 iphone3-001We have finally started to pick fresh produce out of our garden everyday.  It doesn’t get any better than this!  I ordered my canning gear a month ago so hopefully it will arrive this coming week.  I have too many green beans frozen in my freezer already.


Eat More Beef

IMG_8865I went to the McDonalds drive thru tonight and guess who was their to greet me?   …. Wild chickens! I felt so guilty that I didn’t order my usual chicken nuggets.  Are the chickens starting a campaign to eat more beef?  Chik Fil A cows better step up their game!


Oversized Ruler Growth Chart

I keep seeing over-sized ruler growth charts EVERYWHERE!  I love that you can take them with you if you were to move, but still have that “marking the wall feel.”   I wanted one so bad but I was not about to pay $75!!!  Classic Katie DIY time to keep it on a budget.



Supplies List:

  1. Paint or wood stain ($2.98)
  2. Measuring tape (already had)
  3. Paint brush or small roller (already had)
  4. 1 x 8 x 8 piece of wood. I used a Kiln-Dried Whitewood Softwood Board.  I cut my board down to 6.5′.  6′ for ruler and 5″ for header. ($11.48)
  5. Vinyl decals (purchased from Little Acorns By Ro’s Etsy shop – they have great instructions included!)  ($8 + $9.99)
  6. Sawtooth metal bracket (already had)
  7. Rust-oleum 12 oz Crystal Clear Glossy Spray Paint ($3.76)

*Sandpaper and wood filler might be needed!

Budget:   Under $40!


First step, a trip to Lowes.  I enlisted Jamie and Livie as helpers.


I went through about 20 different boards before I found one I liked.  You don’t want a lot of knots or holes in them if you are painting a solid color.  If you are staining, knots would probably be better and more rustic looking.  It’s all up to you.


I painted the board with two coats of Valspar Pantone Pink Carnation Interior Stain Paint after filling in holes with wood filler and sanding.  One 8 oz sample is only $2.98 and I only used about 2-3 oz to paint the whole board!  I also gave it two coats of Rust-oleum clear spray enamel, my favorite top coat because it goes on so smooth and dries super fast. Wait 24 hours between coats and wait 48 hours before you apply vinyl decals.


I marked off every 12 inches starting 4 inches from the bottom of the board.  The 1 started 4 inches from the bottom and so on. I wanted to hang the chart 8 inches off the ground so the first foot had to start 4 inches on the board.


I then peeled back the vinyl decals backing and arranged them on the board.

I made sure to get all air bubbles out and make sure the decals were stuck on with my credit card.

I then applied her cute header.

Next, is my favorite part.  The reveal!  Peeling off the paper.  Always go at an angle and go slow!

IMG_8446So cute!IMG_8447
The final step was to add the numbers.

Jamie hung the chart with a metal sawtooth bracket.





Someone learned that she could climb on top of things to get what she wants!  She really wanted the coaster on the coffee table, so I moved it away from her.  She pulled out the baskets under the tables and proceeded to climb!  Where does she learn these things?

Surf & Turf


My Grandma spoiled us today!  She went all out and made us a perfect surf and turf.  On the menu was King Crab, steak and twice baked potatoes!  IMG_8523It was the first time Olivia tried shell fish.  They say to introduce common food allergy foods within the 6-12 month range so they have a less likely chance of having certain allergies.  She didn’t break out in hives so we are all good! IMG_8525 IMG_8528 IMG_8529 IMG_8530She LOVED it!  How could you not?


Opa, Nana & Elke

 My mom picked Olivia and I up and we drove down to Florida for the weekend.  It was great to see Opa and Nana.  An added bonus was that my tanta Elke was in town all the way from Washington.  It was Livie’s first time getting to meet her which was special.  She wasn’t sure about her at first but she warmed up really fast once Elke offered her some food.  Such a little stinker!10312585_10152457670830477_6226174462611311994_n10256617_10152457671295477_6548141942043802193_o 10333497_10152457671165477_1507690772297764498_o